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Do not kill the messenger if these are not correct! :)

1. Boshi James Cutting Edge--Garrison (finishes FC and AFC and qualifies for both nationals)
2. <something> Agitator-handled by Brooke
3. Fishtrap Fever-- Bly
4. Auggie-Jackson
RF Macanudo Man--Hillger

1. Boshi James Cutting Edge--Garrison
2. Fishtrap Eraser---Bly
3. Mission Mountain Ninja--Fangsrud
4. Auggie
RJ Carbon
JAM Firemark's Turn Up the Heat (golden bitch, one of ours, woohoo!)

1. Clubmead's Pistol Pete
2. Armagh's Quiet Man
3. ????? Ticket
4. Pacific Rim's Nage Spirit--Garrison? Gonia?
RJ Ventura's Best Move--Gonia

And I think Tracy's Dash JAMed the Derby! Do tell, girl! :D

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That's OK Bait. I posted without mentioning that Torch is owned/trained/handled by Sherrill Elm. Whoops!

We will know how Rev is in a couple of weeks...right John? :wink: In the meantime, she is on a diet! How can a little dog running big marks and blinds every day get chubby?! Sargenti must be feeding her cheesecake with her dinner. :lol:


1. Duck Mtn Diary of a Mad Man--Gonia
2. Delta Marsh Fst Shootin Icon--Gonia?
3. Fishtrap ??--Ray Bly
4. Echo
RJ Dash!
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