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Spokane Retriever Club trial

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any news on this one ?
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1st- Ole & Auggie
2nd- Jack Hilger & Macunudo Man
3rd- Frank K & Carbon
4th- Jim Gonia & Shadow Warrior VII
RJ- Frank & Chopper
J- Gonia & Arrowsmith Cardhu

1st- Ole & Auggie...DOUBLE HEADER!!!
2nd- Tony Snow & Rainbow's November Rain
3rd- Frank & Chopper
4th- John Gunn & Gunner (I think)
No Jams

1st- Gonia & Me D Boss
2nd- Gonia & Waterdog's Sweet Peaches
3rd- Freeman Boyett & Hardscrabble's Mojo
Not sure about 4th and Jams

1st- Marty Peterson & Riverrun's True North...22 points!
2nd- Wayne Barret & a Carbon pup
3rd- Ed Labanara & Hell's Belle
4th- ? & Skookumchuck's Big Cheese (owned by Harry Bennetts)
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I should add that I'm not sure about the Jams in the Derby.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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