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Sport Dog vs. Tritronic 90

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I am looking to buy a Sportdog collar/transmitter. I am currently using a Tritronic G2, however, it is very large for waterfowl hunting. I just curious as to what you guys think. Is there a difference in quality, functionality, etc. I was leaning towards the SD 1800. Anyone else used this type for waterfowl hunting.
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huntingrdr said:
I have the SD2400, like it and customer service is great, but I have had a few minor problems with it. Customer Service took care of them ASAP. I too want to get rid of my SD cause its too big and sometimes I feel like its not even working, and replace it with a TT G3.

On the G3, should we let them be on the market for a little while so they can get all the bugs worked out, or are they good to go?

Ditto !!!!

Bought a SD 2400 because of price and customer service..... great customer service, just had to use it too many times in less than a year.

Bought a TT Pro unit, great collar
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