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I didn't find a tech page so I'm going to post here.

I have 4 SPORTDOG launcher receivers

At first I thought 2 had gone bad. They had week response to the Gunners Up rotary servo and no response to the Zinger linear servo.

I looked at the peak output using a voltmeter on port 1 and was seeing (by eye) a lower voltage. So I assumed battery.

I installed new battery in 1 and charged and tested. No change.

Then the other day I plugged into the "0" port and had great response on both the Zinger servo and GunsUp servo. .

So now i have 2 receiver boxes that work great on ports 1 through 8..... And 2 receivers that work great on "0"

Any clues? Remember I only changed battery in 1 receiver not both.
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