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Amateur - Bruce Schroeder / Lasal Banty 79 entries

1)Rammin Sweet Candy O/H Mindy Bohn
2)Rubie Begonia O/H Bart Clark
3)FC AFC Hawkeye's Shadow - O/H Marvin Blount
4)South Bay's New York Titan O/H Gerard Troha
RJ FC AFC Countryside Tecate O/H John Marshall
FC AFC Plourde Honor O' Fox Hill Farm O/h S. McCourt
Waquoit Bay's Tool Man O/H L. Rentel

Open - Dean Ellis / Roy Morejon 94 entries

1)FC AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood Shadow O/H Marvin Blount
2)FC Good Ideas Whoa Nellie O-Ken Neil H- A. Pleasant
3)FC AFC CAFC Comstock Bodacious O- J/A Marshall H- A. Pleasant
4)Candlewood's Something Royal O-R. Painter H- A. Pleasant
RJ Good Idea's Golly Miss Molly o-K. Neil H- A.Pleasant
FC AFC Rammin Hot Chili O/H Randy Bohn
Miss T O/H Pete Plourde
Rubie Begonia O/H Bert Clark
FC AFC Pee Dee Quick O- L. Banty H- B. Thompson

Special Thanks to the owners of the wonderful trial grounds
Hank McNeil - Winslow Farms Conservancy
Bill Thompson - Blue Springs Kennels
and Thank You to all our club members that came out to help and the great support and help from members of the Long Island RC and the Swamp Dog RC.

I would also like to Thank the Judges for working so hard with big entries. Finished at dark all three nights.

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Congrats to all, Bart, Gerard, Randy, Mindy! (Oh, Great Ones :lol: ) Oh yeah, Randy, I thought you said the pay sucks. Food is better than pay! :D Rufsea doesn't let his help go hungry or thirsty. 8) Count me in for the next trial!! BAIT
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