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Star studded gayla!! gdg

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I have been watching the spectacular show of our solar system the last few nights on my way home from work..

The march sky right now is just as perfect as it gets to view 5 different plants.

Venus and Jupiter are the first to pop at sundown in the western sky.. they look like light houses ,, very bright and spectacular..

if you look very closely near the bottom of the wester horizon just at dark,, you can see mercury. mercury is very fain,, but a pair ofstandard binocs will let you see it well... wontlastmuch longer tough..

Saturn come out just a bit later in the evening. You can faintly see the rings with a backyard telescope...

You can easily see the moons of Jupiter with one of these neighbor watching devices...

Mars is also very visible right now also... all night long
It was the brightest on my birthday.. march 3rd. The brightest it will be for a 2 year period of time.

Watch later this month in the western sky,, as the very fine sliver of wax moon will be directly below venus and Jupiter. around march 23 or 24th.. It will be beautiful!! especially if you can get above timberline...

Its a pretty crazy star watchin time right now!!

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OK you little space cadet, you need to be watching the road when go home from work, not the skies DUDE.....
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