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Starter Pistol heads up

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This maybe should be moved to product review, but I just received my Traditions 209 starter pistol, and I'm very impressed.

It's a five shot 209 pistol with a swing out cyclinder which has a mechanism to eject the spent primers.

It's a double shot pistol, which means you don't have to cock it to fire, which means you can also fire it twice for more attention on long marks.

It's built like a tank, had a plastic grip and the cylinder snaps into locking place like a NEF. (and unlike the cheap 209 pistols which don't leading to too many misfires). it comes with it's own case and cleaning rod.

Best part was the price, which was only $59 bucks before shipping.

Found it on Froogle (part of Google, hit the "more" button on the right of the opening page).


Delivery was timely also.

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I have parts available when you need them, just not sure which parts are good since the pistol was a big DUD from the beginning.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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