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Did I steady my pup too early?

Steadying my pup...too early or not?

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So, I've got this FC Candlewood's Joe Black pup, bred to Nate Baxter's Diamond QAA (out of Honest Abe x Nate's MHR Raven MH).

He's a lot of fun and hes' proving to be quite smart, sensitive, and loves to train.

He was born June 30, so he's between four and five months old. After hunting with and talking with a buddy of mine, hearing his thoughts, and then talking with some Amish training buddies, I've decided it was time to work on steadying my "Bus" pup.

I started this last week and he took to it quickly.

I've found that some buds are surprised that I've steadied him this early.

Thought I'd throw it out to you guys. Did I steady too early?

He shows tons of drive and loves to go. I just decided that he was smart enough and big enough that it made sense to set up one consistent set of rules that will apply from now on, rather than change the rules on him later.

What do you think?

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if it's very focused with light restraint, I'm not going to waste time steadying. I don't want them to be pre-occupied with steadiness. I want them to MARK.
I feel just the opposite of Kristie. If they're focused with light restraint I believe they'll be just as focused once they're steadied. I don't want them to learn with a crutch, and that's what the light restraint is.

I also want them to MARK, and I feel they'll do fine if they're steadied.
Well poo on you, Howard... LOL
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Uh, oh, Jesse01 might be here. :oops: :oops: :oops:
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