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Actually, "stickmen" are not a distraction. They provide a focus. :geek: In the following video, walking singles are thrown as the
handler (me) moves around throwing singles. My dogs return to a "placeboard" after each mark is retrieved out in the field
and a stickman makes it easier for the dog to "get back" to the running line. If I were running field trials, I would be wearing a
white coat in the field and with an older hunt test retriever, I would be wearing camo (maybe behind cover and sometimes not).

However, white helps a dog to look in a specific direction. Having worked in the field at field trials, I could not help noticing
that some retrievers are well versed in "measuring" where a fall is in relationship to the gunner in white. "Some" never seem
to look at the gunner while others will glance back and forth (visually measuring).

I do not run field trials. However, I do use white stickmen when training a young retriever. Often times the "camo" gunning
stations are quite obvious. Showing where the running line is can be with a white stickman (or white bucket). Eventually, there
is a transition to hidden gunner stations in HRC Finished tests. And of course, distance is less of a factor.

The following link is a young retriever's "Training Alone YouTube" (stickman/bucket line) with handler and dog doing "stand
alone/send back singles.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts