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storing dog food

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Anyone use a plastic barrel or container to keep dog food in? I'm now buying food 3 bags at a time / 40 lbs a bag and was looking for a better way to keep them then just sitting around in bags. I heard somewhere that regular plastic and or metal containers (like garbage cans) can leak toxins into the food and that special containers are needed. Not sure it that's true but was looking for something plastic that can keep 100 to 120 lbs of food secure and fresh. A quick google search had plenty of containers but nothing big enough to suit my needs.

Thanks, Danny
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Good points about unforeseen recalls and the food getting rancid. My main reason for looking for better storage is I now buy 40lb bags 3 at a time because I get a better price. I want to keep them secure and not laying around to invite unwanted critters into my house. Maybe a large tote with a snap on lid and put 2 bags at a time in unopened.

Thanks, Danny
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You don't want to dump 3 bags into a larger container. The problem is not the plastic leaching but the oils in the food coating the inside of the can. These oils become rancid and contaminate the fresh food added to can.
Keep your food in the bags, open and use them one at a time. If you find a need to put food in can, keep food in original bag and put bag in can.
If you must dump bags of food into a can, line it with a fresh plastic bag every time.
Good idea, but if the plastic can can leach into the dog food, couldn't the plastic bag also?
I think Breck is saying that oils from the old food get on the side of the container and become rancid over time and can contaminate otherwise new / fresh food that you put in the container. I guess a person could wash the plastic container each time if you don't want to use plastic bags. I think I might use a tote and keep the bags intact as stated earlier or take a look at what Mitty suggested.

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