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Hello, I need some advice on how to structure my summer training sessions to be "overly" ready for fall SR tests. I have a 14 month old male lab that has been through FF,CC, T work, FTP, Swim By, Pattern Blinds, Doubles. he handles decent out to 150 yards....Right now this is our current training schedule about 4-5 days a week.
5:30am -7:00am I set up 4 Cold blind marks out to 125 yards. We run those 4 marks twice. If I use white bumpers he steps on 7 out of 8. If I use orange, i then have to handle 3-4 casts out of 8 kick offs. Field is large with short grass. This drill takes about 20 minutes.

I then water him and then crate.

Then i go set up 2 TrainRite Bumper Stations with camo netting panels with 1 station 75 yards and 2nd 125 yards.
Uncrate , then run a Single @ 75 and @ 125.
Then run a double 75 and 125
Then run a double 75 and 125 with a Cold Blind at 100 outside or sometimes inside the marks
Last mark i run a 200+ single......He loves this mark.

It's about 7:00 am then and still around 70-75 degrees. He's tired but not whipped. His attitude is always great. We quit.

In the evening 3 days a week, we will go to park and run some BB Blinds out to 125 yards with white bumpers. I go and place these myself since I'm alone and string these diagnal out to 125 yards. Walk back to dog and kick him off 7 times. he never misses a white one.

Then we go to the water and put out 7-8 white bumbers on adjacent bank and run some blinds to them and cheater work also. These bumpers are no more than 50 yards long water retrieves. We have worked alot on decheating and he will not swim for another bumper if i throw across his face on the return. he handles great out to 70 yards in water. I haven't tried anything further.

Ok sorry for long post and if your still with me, is there anything I may need to add this or drop in this sequence? thanks for any suggestions
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