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Super Puppy Syndrome (SPS)

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Im sure that others have had to deal with SPS at some point in their train of dogs. Im living with and choking down the crow that I self inflicted on myself. My pup is just over 6 months old and shes a big strong, athletic BLF. Sh breezed theough yard work, Obed, FF and CC. Was retrieving aout as far as I felt the need to go, no more than 150 yards because my first SPS pup now runs at the gun as I pushed her too far too fast. I guess Im not as good or as smart as I think I am. Dont get me wrong, I still feel like she will be an amazing dog, but in the future with her, I need to stay in my lane and have more realistic, no time binding expectations. Please excuse or lament the training pains!
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Rex Carr used to say it does not take much to snap a seedling compared to a big tree.
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