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Swamp Dog FT - PA

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Derby results:

1st place - #4 Sunrise Over the Jemez JH - O/H Tony Allen
2nd place - #8 Rainfether's Agua Diablo - Dave Wolcott
3rd place - #14 Cowboy Up II - Chad O'Brien
4th place - #15 HL Technically He's Royal - Missy Lemoi
RJ - #1 CK's Nero - Dave Mosher
J - #6 Dead River Decoy - Dave Mosher
J - #11 CK's Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit - Dave Mosher

Congrats to Tony (my hubby) on our dog placing #1!! :D

(she's the dog that is in my avatar)
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Wait a second Biat, you post on this thread, but failed to mention that YOU and ZEKE took forth in the QUAL. Nice job Bait!!!!!
Bait, I read that post after I posted here...oops :shock: ...thanks for the congrats...not bad for a common :D :D :D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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