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Swamp Dog FT - PA

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Derby results:

1st place - #4 Sunrise Over the Jemez JH - O/H Tony Allen
2nd place - #8 Rainfether's Agua Diablo - Dave Wolcott
3rd place - #14 Cowboy Up II - Chad O'Brien
4th place - #15 HL Technically He's Royal - Missy Lemoi
RJ - #1 CK's Nero - Dave Mosher
J - #6 Dead River Decoy - Dave Mosher
J - #11 CK's Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit - Dave Mosher

Congrats to Tony (my hubby) on our dog placing #1!! :D

(she's the dog that is in my avatar)
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Swamp Dog FT-PA

Congratulations Tony,Sheryl, and Zia. :D You guys have come through alot of adversity and all your hard work and determination has paid off in spades. Safe trip home. See you in the field, Mike
p.s. Congrats on Jazz taking a third place in the Qual. :D
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