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Open - 101 entries

1) FC Harley's Suoer trieven Mac (O) Ron Stainback (H) Alan Pleasant
2) FC Seven Come Eleven V (O) JM+LK DuBose (H) Al Arthur
3) FC CFC CAFC Salty paws Missile Toe (O) Roy Morejon (H) Bill Eckett
4) Dual CH AFC Sunday's Rufwater Canvasback MH (O) Ken Erikson&Scott Martin (H) Scott
RJ) Biggun's Old Squaw's Stormy (O) Frank Purdy (H) Dave Mosher
Jam) South-Paw Mr Blue Stomper (O) Steve Peter (H) Al Arthur
Meba's Ms Chief (O) Rob Hannssen (H) Bill Eckett

Amateur - 58 entries

1) FC Comstocks Bodatious - Anne Marshall
2) FC AFC Longshot Black Talon Paul Mocciaro / Bob Willow - (H) Paul
3) FC AFC Countess Olenska - John Cavanaugh
4) FC Teal McKenzie II MH - Glenn Lokay

Sorry I don't have the Derby / Q results.

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Congrats Ken and Scott! Where the heck did you guys get to? Thought I saw you down by the dam, but didn't see you over at the stake. So, we went home. Sorry we missed your last series! Way to go, man! BAIT
I do have the Q results; 39 Entries
1) Ashmor's Pawbarer Express (O) Bruce Shimp, (H) Alan Pleasant
2)Sunny Daze After A Storm (O) Tom & Nancy O'Brien (H) Ed Forry
3)Starry Valentine (O/H) Jack Gwaltney, Jr.
4)Pike's Peak Of Castle Bay (O) Joe Waters (H) Rick Millheim

RJ)Edgewater Jet (O) Al Sanfanandre & Cathy McHugh (H) Al
J) Money Talks II (O) Mark Mosher (H) David Mosher
J) Peakebrook's Apparition (O) James Dean & Cindy Dohaney
J) Bailey Gavin's Irish Dream (O) Tim & Cheri Gavin (H) Karen Sweezey
J) JJ's The Full Monty (O/H) Tim Mueller

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1st - FC Harley's Super Triven Mac handled by Alan Pleasant
2nd - FC Seven Come Eleven V handled by Al Arthur
3rd - FC/CFC/CAFC Salty Paws Missile Toe handled by Bill Eckett
4th - DC/AFC Sunday's Rufwater Canvasback MH handled by Scott Martin
(Amateur) RJ - Biggun's Old Squaw's Stormy handled by Dave Mosher JAM's -
South-Paw Mr. Blue Stomper handled by Al Arthur; Meba's Ms Chief handled
by Bill Eckett

1st - FC Comstock's Bodacious handled by Anne Marshall
2nd - FC/AFC Longshot Black Talon handled by Paul Mocciaro
3rd - FC/AFC Countess Olenska handled by John Cavanaugh
4th - FC Teal McKenzie II MH handled by Glenn Lokay

1st - Ashmor's Pawbarer Express handled by Alan Pleasant
2nd - Sunny Daze After A Storm handled by Ed Forry
3rd - Starry Valentine handled by Jack Gwaltney, Jr.
4th - Pike's Peak Of Castle Bay by Rick Millheim
RJ - Edgewater Jet handled by Al SanFanandre
JAM's Money Talks II handled by Dave Mosher; Peakebrook's Apparition
handled by Cindy Donahey; Bailey Gavin's Irish Dream handled by Kay
Sweezey; JJ's The Full Monty handled by Tim Mueller

1st - Black Rivers Bad Medicine handled by Alan Pleasant
2nd - Can Lakes Tommy Joe handled by Bob Lachowski
3rd - Pleasant River Harlequin handled by Alan Pleasant
4th - Plourde's Ides Of March handled by Dave Mosher
RJ - Aran Island's Mighty Quinn handled by Pat Martin
JAM's - Light Farm's Cooper handled by Bob Tosadori; Goodtime Caped
Crusader handled by Dan Walsh; Graden's Dapper Dan handled by Milly Welsh;
Dashwoods Second Chance handled by Alan Pleasant; Oldsquaw's Yellow Charli
handled by Frank Purdy; Comanche's Agent handled by Dan Joyner;
Coppertop's Abigale Alert handled by Al Arthur; RSC's Polar Bear Cub
Samantha handled Stan Chiras; Double Creek Wauchula handled by Kay
Sweezey; Fearless Back In Black Jaxson handled by Rick Millheim
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