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Open - 101 entries

1) FC Harley's Suoer trieven Mac (O) Ron Stainback (H) Alan Pleasant
2) FC Seven Come Eleven V (O) JM+LK DuBose (H) Al Arthur
3) FC CFC CAFC Salty paws Missile Toe (O) Roy Morejon (H) Bill Eckett
4) Dual CH AFC Sunday's Rufwater Canvasback MH (O) Ken Erikson&Scott Martin (H) Scott
RJ) Biggun's Old Squaw's Stormy (O) Frank Purdy (H) Dave Mosher
Jam) South-Paw Mr Blue Stomper (O) Steve Peter (H) Al Arthur
Meba's Ms Chief (O) Rob Hannssen (H) Bill Eckett

Amateur - 58 entries

1) FC Comstocks Bodatious - Anne Marshall
2) FC AFC Longshot Black Talon Paul Mocciaro / Bob Willow - (H) Paul
3) FC AFC Countess Olenska - John Cavanaugh
4) FC Teal McKenzie II MH - Glenn Lokay

Sorry I don't have the Derby / Q results.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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