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Swamp Dog Spring Field Trial June 8, 9 and 10

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The Swamp Dog Field Trial is being held on Winslow Farms and Blue Springs Kennel properties thanks to Hank McNeil and Bill Thompson.

The judges for the Amateur Stake will be Mike Coutu and Bruce Mitchell.

You can obtain information, the premium and enter the event at or via mail to Entry Express.

The trial closes Tuesday May 29, 2007 at 11:59:59.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Swamp Dog Club
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Congratulations to "Flip" aka John Deflippis and Scotter on receiving the Reserve Jam in the Open. Way to go Flip!!!!!!

1st 25 Newt and Striker
2nd 38 Steve Furgusen and Lady
3rd 22 Linda Warton and Bang
4th 11 Ed Haskens and Gates
RJ 58 Steve Furgusen and Bingo
1 Ann Marshall and Doc
15 Frank Purdy and Rose
16 Breck Campbell and Darla
20 Mick Presco and Nubie
21 Alex Abraham and Jackson
24 Elisa Kirkegard and Kate
43 James Rooney and Jaxson

Thank you Judges Mike Coutu and Bruce Mitchell for a real kick butt Amateur.
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GREAT JOB to Steve Ferguson and Lady.
She just recovered from TPLO surgery.

When I spoke with him last week he was very pleased with her recovery!
I'll bet he's more pleased today. :D
I was asked by Breck Campbell to post these aerial shots of the Amateur series layouts:

Amateur Land Triple and Land Blind:

Amateur Water:

Amateur Water Blind:

I am almost done labeling my photos of the dogs running at the Swamp Dog trial and will try to post a link to them later tonight.
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I have posted photos from the Swamp Dog trial at Please contact me if you are interested in prints. I tried hard to identify all the dogs in the prints. However, I have certainly made some mistakes. Please contact me with any corrections.

EDIT: I added a movie version of the photos at It requires Flash and is a bigger download than the galleries mentioned above, but more "fun".
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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