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Congrats to Steve and Christmas. She's one of our Star/Chopper puppies. Last week she got a jam and this week a win. Not to shabby for her first two derbies @ 16 months old. I guess if anyone is wondering if Chopper is a producer....well, he is with our girl. This was Chopper's first breeding. Looks to be a successful one.


ps. I also want to thank Drakehaven, aka John Ketzner for turning me on to Chopper @ a young age and Kim Johnston for seconding what John said and helping me place these pups in trial homes in the Northwest.

21 back to water blind in open
callbacks are: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,13,16,18,19,22,23,26,27,29,32,34,35,41,43
derby finished and am will start in morning. qual to follow open.

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9 dogs called back for the Open 4th, then they canlced the 4th and gave out ribbons after the water blind. The whole valley is flooded, trial was stopped and moved. (2hr drive south) I ran last dog in the AM. by the time I ran, I was knee deep in the river with 30 yards of lunging water in front of me moving right to left at about 20 miles per hour. I got a nice splash on the long retired which was now on the other side of a good size lake that appeared once the river overflowed its banks. That only affected the last 3 dogs. (deep sigh)

Trial has changed location. They will finish up tomorrow at Jim Gonia's Kennel and Dale Tibbitts property. These land owners were kind enough to offer their property so that we can finish the trial.

Call backs to amateur 2nd series 21 dogs:

Qual will start first thing in the morning.

Open placements:
1st NFC FC Clubmead's Road Warrior O/H Frank Kashevarof
2nd FC Price Club O/Ann Rauff H/Gonia
3rd Widgeon's Carbon Chip O/Tom Hartl & Jim Heneghan H/Gonia
4th Hardscrabbles Mojo O/Freeman Boyett H/Gonia
RJ FC AFC Creek Robber O/H Ken Jackson
AFC B&J's Run Around Sue O/H Bob Crabb
Emberain Semper Case of Red O/Lee Herskowitz H/Jim Garrison & Lee Herskowitz
Duckmountains Diary of a Mad Man O/Randy Cowin H/Gonia
Me D Boss O/Jim Heneghan H/Gonia

I would like to add something. The Open had 3 series however there were both land and water marks in the first series. 2nd series consisted of a land blind with a leave it bird which you picked up after the blind
and the 3rd series was a water blind. The dogs were tested on both land and water for both marks and blinds.

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They won't have ANY trouble passing AKC muster, especially if everything is properly documented by the FTS.

Kudos to the judges and the event committee for their forethought and cool-headedness under pressure.


Amateur results:
1st FC Price Club O/H Ann Rauff
2nd NFC FC Clubmead's Road Warrior O/H Frank Kashevarof
3rd Clubmead's Pistol Pete O/H Toni Boyett
4th Camino's Go For the Pin O/H David Hengsteler
RJ Pacific Rim's Ki Energy O/H Shon Garrison
Macanudo Man O/H Jack Hilger
Widgeon's Carbon Chip O/Tom Hartl, Jim Heneghan H/Tom Hartl
FC AFC Creek Robber O/H Ken Jackson

Qualifying results:
1st Marauders Aviator O/H Wayne Johnston (yeah!!!)
2nd Moose River Zoe O/H Doug Cybula
3rd Midknight's Mystical Wizard O/H Josh Carter
4th Waterdogs' Sweet Peaches O/H Wally Kobeski
RJ Em Dees Kenai K9 O/Boyd Skille H/Mark Madore
Skookumchuck's Big Cheese O/H Harry Bennetts
Duckmountains Snap To It O/H Cynthia Tallman
Sealock's Driving Morgan O/H Carol Sealock
Carbon's Special Force of PDK O/Jeff Bartlett H/Wayne Johnston
Rana of Club Royal O/H Duncan Montgomery
Midnight Contender O/H Jack Hilger
The Blueprint O/H Marion Carey

I want to thank everyone at the trial for your patience and superior sportsmanship. The flooding made for a very difficult situation but you all made the best of it with the move south. And a special thanks to all that pitched in to help with the trial. With the move we lost most of our hired help so the club members and competitors stepped up to the plate to get this trial done.
Thank you to Jim and Jackie Gonia, and Dr Dale Tibbits for generously allowing us to use their property for the final day of our trial. Without them we would have had to cancel the trial and a lot of anxious retrievers as well as handlers would have been disappointed.
And the best part of all, even with the flooding situation, we were still able to hold our puppy stake!

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Open Jam, Emberain Semper Case of Red, "Casey" !! :D


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tammy, thank you so much.
its always extra special when you work the entire trial from sunup to sundown and win in the process!
and that kinda makes pilot a little special too as he sat on the truck all weekend while wayne worked, only to be brought out to run his turn.
no warm ups, and few airings in between. while wayne's mind was on the trial pilot did his job to perfection!
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