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Open results...
1st Shadow Warrior VII - NEW FC - O/Ed Labanara H/Jim Gonia
2nd Price Club O/Ann Rauff H/Jim Gonia
3rd Utopian Sharpshooter O/Dean Nice H/Jerry Patopea
4th B and J's Runaround Sue O/Bob Crabb H/Bob Crabb & 4th series by
Wayne Johnston
RJ Armagh's Wild Irish Rose O/Greg Doughty H/Pat Hanlon
Jams Gunrunners High Anxiety O/H Mark Clark, FC M&M's Cooper
O/Jim Heneghan H/Jim Gonia, Arillius Maximus Negrus O/Bruce Bridges
H/Pat Hanlon, Clubmead's Simpatico O/Ken Jackson H/Jim Gonia
FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek O/H Frank Kashevarof
AFC Bluegoose's Double-G-Mac O/H Mike Hasenoehrl, Desert Coal Train O/Harvey Peterson, Glenda Brown H/Chad Gleason, FC Justin Time Mr Moto O/Scott Anderson H/Patti Kiernan

Amateur results....
1st Timshal - NEW AFC - O/H John Ball
2nd B and J's Run Around Sue - NEW AFC - O/H Bob Crabb
3rd Price Club O/H Ann Rauff
4th AFC Marauders Commander Cannon O/H Wayne Johnston
RJ AFC CFC CAFC Harvan's Foxhalls Rascal O/H Chris Allaire
Jams... Try O/H Mel Milton, Buck & Teal's Little Tara O/H Jack Hutton
Topgun Agitator O/H John Headley, Mallard Lakes Liberty Belle O/H Chris Allaire, Paddy Kate's Slick Mick O/H Jim Smith, Northwind Midnight Madness O/Colleen McPoland H/Mark Akkola, B P Rocky Road O/H Dan Jones, Tankercosmic Comet Surprise O/H Don Dutton,
FC AFC CNFC CAFC TNT's Mr Peabody Prairiemarsh O/John & Janice
Gunn H/John Gunn, Flyways Fast Eddie Grimsby O/H Don Graves
Cimarron River Tule O/H Jim Askew, DW's Short Stack O/H Dave Wilson

Qual results....
1st Duckmountains Diary or a Mad Man O/Randy Cowin H/Jim Gonia
2nd Fishtrap Heidi O/H Ray Bly
3rd Roughwaters Smooth Sailin O/H Bill Palmer
4th Sir Richards Last Dance O/Richard Coleman H/Jerry Patopea
RJ Crackshot Ben There Done That O/John & Carol Knapp H/J Patopea
Jams...Sun Valley Steep N Deep O/Harvey Peterson H/Chad Gleason,
Duckmountains Snap to It O/ CynthiaTallman H/Chad Gleason,
Riparian Bearly Behavin MH O/H Mark Lowans, Mallard Lakes Liberty Belle O/Chris Allaire, Ryco's Believe it or not O/H Corey Tolmich,
Show Biz Lucy Gotta Star O/S&J Henderson H/J Patopea, Alaska's Black Gold Joey O/Don Biesen H/Pat Hanlon, Special Force A.K.A. Pyson MH O/H Jeff Bartlett, Merlyn IV, O/J Patopa H/J Patopea

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derby results

Derby Results...
1st Carbon's Blue Pursuit O/Steve Kompf H/Missy Bell
2nd Armaghs One & Only O/Jack Keogh H/Pat Hanlon
3rd Merlyn IV O/H J Patopea
4th Justin Time Alibi O/Chad White H/Patti Kiernan
RJ Midnight Contender O/H Jack Hilger
Jams.... J and D's Last Chance Rebel O/H J Vanderzanden
Widgeons Carbon Chip O/Tom Hartl H/Mark Madore
Wyldfires Midnight Lullaby O/H L Foster
The Mad Russian O/Jan Snow H/Mark Madore
Sealocks Driving Morgan O/H Carol Sealock
Fen Wizzard O/H Joe Beitler
Whisp of Carbon O/H Vern Cooney

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Tacoma Retriever Club

:lol: WE just returned home after spending a week in beautiful, cool Washington and would like to thank the Tacoma Retriever Club, they held a First Class test. Everything was perfect Grounds, Judges, Workers we met some great people and really enjoyed it. My dog thought the lily pads were awesome. It was a shock to get back to 105 temps. Mark and Cindy Lowans
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