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1st FC Fargo II o/h Jane Patopea
2nd FC AFC Creek Robber o/h Ken Jackson
3rd New "FC" AFC Bluegoose's Double G Mac o/h Mike Hasenoehrl
4th Pacific Rim's Nage Spirit o/h Jim Garrison
RJ FC Shadow Warrior VII o/Ed Labanara h/Jim Gonia
Jams FTCH Way Out Yonder o/h Freeman Boyett
Clubmead's Simpatico o/h Tony Snow
Fargo N. Dakota o/Gary Zellner h/Jerry Patopea
FC Justin Time Mr Moto o/h Scott Anderson

1st DW's Short Stack o/h Dave Wilson
2nd NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek o/h Frank Kashevarof
3rd Millforge's Straight No Chaser o/Penny Krebs h/Mickie Rawlins
4th FC Shadow Warrior VII o/h Ed Labanara
RJ FC AFC Creek Robber o/h Ken Jackson
Jams AFC Timshal o/h John Ball
NFTCH AFTCH FC AFC TNT's Mr Peabody Prairiemarsh o/h John Gunn

1st Kichatna's Rain Dancer o/h Ken Lee
2nd Zipper's Pei in the Sky o/Ed Zuhlke h/Jerry Patopea
3rd Matilda's Cool Girl Nicoal SH o/Tom Patillo h/Brooke Van De Brake
4th Fargo's Maxximum Havoc o/John Eppler h/Pat Hanlon
RJ Marauders Aviator o/h Wayne Johnston
Jams Hightest Top O the Line o/Bill Witting h/Brooke Van De Brake
Midnight Contender o/h Jack Hilger
Puget Pwr Loaded to the Mark o/h Bob Dahlheim

1st Skookumchuck's Big Cheese o/h Harry Bennetts
2nd Hightest Camino Full Nelson o/h David Hengsteler
3rd Bobby Magee o/h John Poer
4th Top Gun's DR Haley's Comet o/Jeff VanDeTop h/BrookeVanDeBrake
RJ Strings Dear Abbea o/Cheryl Smith h/Jerry Patopea
Jams Lock Stock & Two Smokin Barrels o/Donald Tran h/Brooke VDB
Riverrun's True North o/h Marty Peterson
Santiam Steelhead Red o/Craig Pettinger h/John Henninger

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Super event by the Tacoma gang. Great fun for all who attended! One to remember.

Congrat's to "the Big Cheese" and Harry. We knew you would win one soon. Harry is an excellent handler, however; he has found his true calling in life as "Master of Ceremonies". Great job handing out all those prizes at the BBQ, and all your hard work as marshall for the young dogs!

Great job by the master Chef Jeff! Although you had problems telling the difference between cooking prime rib, and grilling "Bumper"; no one went away hungry.

Mrs Toni B; your fruity salad was worth the wait!! If you would have added marshmellows and whipped cream, it would have been "just like moms"!

Kim's attempt at a "tailgate party" on Sunday was the highlight of the weekend. Wish I had a camera to capture your snooze. You worked hard and did a wonderful job. It is dedicated dog lovers like you who make this all worthwhile.

Thanks to the Tacoma Club for a fun filled weekend!!!

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Congrats to you & Big Cheese, very very proud of you guys.

Good luck the rest of the Summer & Fall

P.S. Big Cheese, yo- Mama says well done Son. :p

Big Al & Candlewood's Walkin' with Grace "AKA Mom"
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