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I was going make more deer sauage this week and decided to smoke it with pear wood. i told a friend of mine about it and he told me he knew where a pear tree was that had been damaged by Rita. last week he and i went cut the bigger branches off the tree it was like going into a jungle. brought them home,left them in the yard so i could cut them up in smaller pieces. my wife and i went bring a friend some fresh shucked oysters this morning come home, NO branches :x i went ballastic. my next door neighbor shows up and i tell him about my ordeal and he looks at me and said "well me and george thought it was a branch from your oak tree so we're burning them in our fireplaces as we speak :evil: it took every ounce of self-control to keep me from causing him bodily harm :cry:
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Come get my Pear branches you Cajun-American! They have been sitting curbside since I had to do some heavy trimming on one of my Bradford Pears ever since Smith tried to get his 18 hole trailer down my driveway. It was either the limbs or his awning, so the limbs got whacked! Too big for the trash folks to pick up.

Heading for the big Fais Do Do at the La Boucherie Des Cajuns in St Martinville. Butchering of the swine at noon, Cochon de lait at 5pm! Music by Travis Matte and the Zydeco Kingpins and the Ossum Playboys.

Got to take advantage of this Spring like weather.


Enough Mardi Gras for me yesterday! :?
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