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Just have the Q results...

1. Crackshot Blackwater BMW (O) Jeff and Joyce Shaw (H) Jeff Shaw
2. Sugarfoots Triple Threat (O) Richard and Delores Smith (H) Delores Smith
3. Jazztime's Casey of Fallston (O) Cal and Kathy Rumbley (H) Cal Rumbley
4. Kingston's Full of Spice (O) Nancy Campbell (H) David Jensen
RJ Shannondoah's Highland Drake (O) Willian Argabright, Jr. (H) Kristen Hoffman
Jams: Chavez Lotta Drake. Cal Rumbley; Duckband's Magie of Breeze Hill, Millie Welsh; Black Water's High Tech PDH JH, E. Allen Willey; Implied Consent, Elizabeth Dixon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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