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I heard that they didn't finish the Amateur due to darkness (late Sunday) and thunder and lightning. They had run some of the dogs (don't know how many), but stopped the trial before all had run. They decided the placements based on the dogs that ran the water marks and gave the ones that didn't do the water marks there entry fee back. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

I was dropped in the 3rd series and was heading home at around 12:30 - 1:00 on Sunday. I can't believe they didn't get finished!

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Tar Heel Trial

It wasn't darkness that stopped the trial, it was lightening. And yes, it was decided that money should be refunded to the two that didn't get to run.

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Open Placements
Place Dog Name Owner/Handler
1st Real Southern Gentleman Rick Painter/Alan Pleasant
2nd FC Harley Super Triven Mac Ronald Stainback,Jr/Alan Pleasant
3rd FC Smile A While Sarah Scott Oakley/Bruce Koonce
4th Keith?s Reedy Fork Kate Nancy Thomas/Bruce Koonce
RJ Voight?s Dyna-Maxx M & L Dubose/Mac Dubose
Jams Fisher Ridge Murphy?s Black Valerie Tolber/Bruce Koonce
FC AFC Carolina?s Smoke on the Water Clint & Kay Joyner/Al Arthur
FC Good Ideas Whoa Nellie Ken Neil & Brenda Little/Alan Pleasant
AFC Tapper Jake, MH George Francis/ Owner
Gunzup?s Jazzabelle John Thomas & Bruce Brown/ Owner
Pleasant River Whitewing John & Ann Marshall/Alan Pleasant
FC AFC Tailwind?s Travlin? Gypsy John Thomas & Bruce Brown/Owner
Esprit?s The Price is Right Bill Lenz & Forrest Faulkner/Al Arthur
Gimme Five More M & L DuBose/Mac Dubose
FC Pleasant River?s Kate John & Ann Marshall/Alan Pleasant

Amateur Placements
1st Watermark?s Texas Welcome Marvin Blount
2nd FC Seven Come Eleven Lynne Dubose
3rd FC AFC Yoyou Kayee KK Carol Lilenfeld
4th NAFC FC Chickamauga Choo Choo Lynne Dubose
RJ Voight?s Dyna-Maxx Mac Dubose
Jams: FC AFC Hawkeye?s Shadow Marvin Blount
FC Chavez?s Big Time Black Jack Tim Gentry
Gunzup?s Jazzabelle John Thomas
FC AFC Carolin?s Smoke on the Water Clint Joyner
FC AFC Winifox Scream?n Yella Zonker Ken Neil
FC AFC Tiger McBunn Mac Dubose

Qualifying Placements
1st Trieven China Cat Andrea Meisse/Owner
2nd Carolina Moon Shadow Kay & Clint Joyner/owner
3rd Seaside?s Hunkuna Matata Frank & Rita Jones/Al Arthur
4th C Point?s Thankyouverymuch Ken Steele/Mike Osteen
RJ Dex?s Rambunctious Chester Scott Dexter/Al Arthur
Jams Castlerun?s Chance of a Breeze Linda Downey & Sherry Gregory/Jeff
Salty Paws Primary Colors Shayne Hammond/owner

Derby Placements
1st Dashwood?s Second Chance Don Eiler/Alan Pleasant
2nd Black Rivers Bad Medicine John & Anne Marshall/Alan Pleasant
3rd Trifecta?s Gambler Carol Lilenfeld/owner
4th Trieven Mac?s Storm Surge Ronald Stainback,Jr./Alan Pleasant
RJ Broad Reach Devil Made Me Do It Jeff Telander & Martha Lee Voshell/ Jeff T.
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