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Teaching Hold & Heel...

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Pups teeth are all in, she hasn't picked up a bumper since she started teething. She runs to the mark and runs straight back, with no bumper. I started two days ago about five times twice a day, just putting on leather gloves, inserting one hand in her mouth and holding the bottom jaw a little, saying "hold" and petting her. She sits there fairly calmly, after a little bit she starts trying to push my hand out and then the next time it is a little harder to get my hand in her mouth. But I can still do it. She squirms a little in opposition. I just want to make sure I am starting this process correctly.

Also, from remote sit to heel, she runs pretty stinking fast back in, but she tries to either knock me over or go to my right side as oppose to my left. While walking on lead she is almost perfect (according to my standards). I can guide her to my left side when on a short lead, she knows where to go and what to do. But from about 40 to 50 yards out she bolts right to me and then goes either, like I said, at my legs or my right side. How do I correct this? What I have been doing is try catching her and swinging her to my left side.

Any advice would help for either problem. Thanks
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Is your left leg a "Hot Spot"? Work on Heel on both sides and mix it up lots. It seems the pup knows left side is for work. And the pup is avoiding work. Heel on both sides will stop this and give you another tool in your retriever tool box. As for the other, yes a little squirming on hold is normal. Be alert and aware, don't let the dog train you. You are training the dog. Some pups put as much effort into thinking how to get out of work as they do into how to do it right instead.
Ken Bora
ShotGunWillie said:
One more thing, my pup gets extremely affectionate during this process, like when I remove my hand she puts her head in my lap and rubs all on me and then we do it again, then I take my hand out and she puts her head in my lap again. Is this normal.
You are being played like a cheap Telecaster :shock:
Again, dog is trying to get out of work. Is this a Chesapeake you are working with? Classic smart Chessy behavior, changing the task at hand (Hold work to snuggle time) from something the dog does not want to do to something it wants to do. Who made Who?
Ken Bora
ShotGunWillie said:
Again, dog is trying to get out of work. Is this a Chesapeake you are working with?
Nope, a yellow female

So I should not really pet her too much to calm her down, I should make sure all work is being done before any kind of petting or anything?
don't be gruff, and definitely praise proper responses, BUT This is school not a snuggle fest. I most always use the same queue when ether getting off the truck for marks or getting on the FF table or starting a lawn work session. I ask the dog "Are you ready to go to work?" I know, sounds goofy but the get used to it and know when they are getting out of the truck if they are going to lounge on the lawn or get marks.
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