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Hi All-
I thought of naming this email , "How dumb am I". Or if I wanted to sound
like I was running for office, "I thought I was right before I knew I was
wrong". But enough of my inadequacy and let's stick with "thank you Dan
Kotarski". For the past three summers I have chaired our NAHRA field test.
In my quest for the most daylight I chose the weekend of the summer
solstice. I was at the time unaware of conflicting tests. Each year we
struggle with loosing club members to these conflicting AKC tests and with
the farmer having enough time to get the first cut of hay in and the
immediate spreading of cow **** before it starts to grow up again. After
this years test I announced to all that I was moving the test date one week
forward from the third Saturday in June to the fourth Saturday in June. From
the 19-20 to the 25-26. Well today I was emailed by Dan Kotarski about our
NAHRA test because he was setting up his NAFRA test in Baldwinsville NY and
did not want to conflict with us. What a cool thing to do! I told him our
test will be June 25-26, 2005. This gnawed at me all afternoon at work. I
remembered the AKC corresponding date table.
It can be viewed and printed out here. Our test that was on June 19-20, 2004
is on that table week 25. The week I thought I was moving forward to, the
fourth Saturday in June in 2005 is also week 25!!!! So, in 2005 the Maine
Retriever club AKC Hunt test in Burnham Me, the Black Creek retriever club
AKC Hunt test in East Berne NY and POSSIBLY the Baldwinsville NAFRA test
will all be June 25-26 or AKC week number 25. Our LCRC NAHRA field test will
be moved one week forward like we wanted to AKC week 26 and that is July 2-3
or the fourth of July weekend. This may be just as bad because of people
wanting to spend quality family time instead of running dogs but at least we
are not up against two AKC tests and NAFRA test. I apologize to all for this
inconvenience and truly hope this is the last time we shuffle the test date.
So the LCRC NAHRA field test will be AKC week 26, July 2-3, 2005 in Panton
Ken Bora
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