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The Sun Also Rises

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So, here's an odd story which happened last weekend.

I was out planting trees in our back fields. We plant a tree each time we lose a dog and our old dog Doc died last winter. I still miss him a lot, but we move forward.

So, instead of just planting one, Ann got like 50 saplings for free and I'm out there digging holes and planting the darn things all over the property.

I took the 7 month old pup, Joe, out so he could run around while I dug holes for the trees. He rambled around and splashed in the pond and had fun. He's a real nice pup--we've had these dogs for almost 25 years and I'm not sure any have shown the potential this young that Joey does.

So, anyhow, I'm digging and planting and after a while I got tired and took a break. It was kind of warm and I just stretched out on the grass in front of one of the ponds and took a rest. Well, I actually dozed off and woke up after a half hour or so. At first I was a little disoriented, like when you wake up in a strange place, not really remembering where you are. I opened my eyes and there are half a dozen bluebirds flying over the pond, kind of divebombing the water and getting a drink or something and then flying back up in the air. And a couple of geese are wandering around, honking. Then there is Joe, who has become completely bird crazy, he's chasing the bluebirds, barking at the geese (which are twice his size) leaping into the pond and trying to swim after them. It was quite comical--the birds are diving, the wind is blowing, the puppy is chasing them all over--sort of felt like I was in some kind of drug induced dream or something. Very surreal kind of scene.

Anyway, once I woke up and figured out what was going on, I just sort of laid there on the grass, taking it all in. I was lying there, enjoying the scene and thinking how cool this all was, when all of a sudden Joe comes up behind me dripping wet and shakes all over me. I mean, a full broadside of still pretty cool, early spring Minnesota pond water from about 2 feet away. Sort of brought me back to reality. As only a puppy can do, I guess. He just stood there and looked at me with this excellent expression, like what are you doing just lying here when there are so many cool, fun things going on?

So I got back up and planted the rest of the trees.

Anyhow, this doesn't have anything to do with training or retrievers, but it was a slice of life, I guess.

Take care,
Dave B.

and Joe the pup (High Caliber Johan Santana)
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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