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That latest CBA changed the respective value of going up to get a big selection. It used to be that there was a significant financial value for a team to move down (relief), and there was a very significant financial burden for a team to be moving up. Teams were eager to move down when presented a deal if they could lock-in on a player later in the draft. Now, business has picked up for teams that want to trade down.

With the economic aspect easing with a more balanced and less costly contract for these players, it has made the very high picks far more valuable. I wouldn't say the Redskins overpaid or that the Rams got highway robbery. It is, what it is... it got the deal done. Both teams benefited enormously. They're moving up to Mr. '1-B' - since Andrew Luck is '1-A' and RGIII has every right to be considered '1-A'.

The Redskins must now make the most out of the picks they have. It shouldn't be forgotten they still have six draft picks this year (and six each of the next two years where the 1st rd'er is missing). This year, for example, they have a third rounder and two in round four. (70, 102, 109). There is a lot of value in rounds 2-4 where teams are really built. I normally don't like Snyder's ways, but in this case he secured a franchise QB for his team, which has been their achilles heel.
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