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The Washington Redskins Trade-NFL

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Is history repeating it's self with the Washington Redskins for the trade for RGIII? Washington has given up 3-1st rounders, and a 2nd round pick to move up to select RGIII.

There have been two similar trades in the past.

Saints dealt all of their picks and a 1st and 3rd the following year for Ricky Williams.

The Vikings dealt 3-1st rounders, 2nd, 3rd and a 6th for Herschel Walker.

I think the Skins fans will be holding their collective breaths for the next few years.
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As a Skins fan, we need a QB (as well as other things). The third first rounder isn't a big deal (hopefully), but the first two and the second could get us some good pieces. Of course, since the 'Skins are getting him, I am sure RGIII will end up making Heath Effin' Shuler look great.

You can't win without a top QB these days. Or course, a terrible offensive line can make a great QB terrible.
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