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Can/should a dog have two handlers? I have been training our dog primarily.... with my husband. We both will go hunting with him but i will likely handle him if we get into hunt tests but my husband may end up handling him more when hunting as he gets more opportunities to hunt "with the boys" where i dont get to go. So my question is, if we both train him, even if i train with him more, will he/should he be able to work for both of us. I understand some of it is the training/consistancy of the individual handler.

The other day, granted he is only 4 month, after retrieving and returning to me no problem in stickmen drills with my husband as the thrower, we switched the following day and he wanted to run to the gunner (me). We are getting ready to cc to here using the smartwork puppy program so maybe that may not a big deal.
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