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Re: No offense

Keith Stroyan said:
No offense intended, but these posts make me glad the US & Canada haven't succumbed to these bans. Used properly, eCollars are a humane training tool. Some people should mind their own business, I guess we need to be on the lookout to be sure they do...
With the liberal mindset of the Canadian government, I'd expect this to be on their agenda very soon. To those officials, there is no such thing as individual responsibility. To those in the socialistic sphere, we are all too stupid to think for ourselves, so only those sheeple and their leaders have the infinite wisdom to know what's good for us.

Freedom isn't free! It's a responsibility that must be protected at all times. And it's the one thing I worry about more and more coming from governmental socialistic views, than I do from terrorists. Ignorance may be bliss, but it should be one of our biggest fears.

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