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This breeding highlights some of the best in the business. Goose (Sire) Has accomplished much in his young life. - 7 derby points, went six for six at 25 months for his Master Hunter, has his QA2 Title and received his Master National Plate at the 2019 Master National. Ruby (DAM) is the daughter of The Sunday Swimmer AFC. (Wyatt) and Adirondac Scout Finch (Scout), Scout was the 1st Golden retriever to win the UFTA National Championship. These puppies will be smart, trainable and athletic and have high prey drive .Pedigree: Ruby X Goose
Hip OFA​
Eyes OFA​
PBG's Don't Take My Love To TownGR-130252G25F-VPI

Heads Up I'm Your Wing ManGR-EYE12853/24M-VPI (5/19)
Both Sire and Dam have all clearances and can be viewed on K9data.
Contact Howard K Jaekle III @ 336-613-5299, email [email protected]
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