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Thunderbird 400 Launchers

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Anybody else had problems with Thunderbird launchers? I just sent two of em back for repair. Cost me $128.00
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Was the problem a no fire when it is really hot and humid?
Supposedly it's a situation where the venturi that takes in the atmospheric air that's mixed with the gas cannot get enough taken in when it's really hot or humid. The reason that it works with the turntable off is the extra air that gets into the housing.
I think that with any new product there can be some growing pains. This unit does offer more convieniece than the maxx's with the one gas, no valves, and prolonged mix without charge loss. I realize what your saying about model changes, but I think that the changes were for the good overall, but after this "glitch" hopefully it will be a reliable peice of training equiptment.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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