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Thunderbird 400 Launchers

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Anybody else had problems with Thunderbird launchers? I just sent two of em back for repair. Cost me $128.00
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It was at different temperatures. I repaired one once, the other one twice after talking to Etchmark. The problem was if you took the turntable off they would fire every time. Put the turntable back on and it was erratic. Temperature and humidity didn't seem to matter because when one was working it would fire every time and the other one would fail. Very frustrating when setting your dog up for double and one fails.
Got my Launchers back back thoroughly tested them with Mapp and Propane gas cylinders. Never missed once and left them the fire postition for over 5 minutes. Fired every time I hit the button. I think they got it fixed. They drilled about six holes in the case.
One word about Dogtra release systems. I left my transmitter on the top of my tool box and went back this morning to find it. Found the pieces of it in various places in the the road.
Put it back together except for the selector dial which was destroyed!
Turned on the the launchers and found which one it was left on and it fired it!!!!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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