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Any news on Friday's results?

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Q call backs to the Last series Sunday am. This is suspossed to be accurate.

4, 11, 12, 14, 23, 28, 33, & 34. 8 dogs.

Open is running water marks and going well but long swims.

Am is running land blind, and should finish; may be done by now.

Sorry no call backs on Open, AM or Derby winners.

Weather is great.

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Here are the results, in order, hope they are correct.

Roz - O/H Mac Dubose
Molly - O Ken Neil/ H Pleasants
Dina - Mac Dubose
Rough - Gary Unger
Mac - Osteen
not sure of Jams or if there were any.


Rough - Gary Unger
Dina - Mac Dubose
Hanna - Nick Elam
Brother - Clint Joyner
Roz - Mac Dubose
Jerry Lee - Lyn Dubose
Sassy - Ronnie Dixon
Emmy - Linda Downey
Gypsy - Lee Watson
Daisy - Gary Unger


Candy - Steve Ferguson
Amos - Koontz
Effie - Woody Sponge
Trip - John Clarke
Amanda - George Fiebelkorn
Chief - Mike Griffeth
Meg - Patricia Jordan


Gypsy - John Gianlantis
Jeze - Osteen
Joker - Osteen
Sage - Rob Cherry
Torque - Hoffman
Big - Osteen
M - Hoffman
Stormy - Pleasants
Jo - O - Jan Bertleson/ H - Stoneman
Cruise - Hoffman

Sorry for any mispellings, incorrect placements or lack of owners, I didn't cross check it with entry express.

Congrats to everyone, and especially the ones who got thier first ribbons no matter what color it was, GREAT WORK

Mike, Rob, Linda, Ronnie, Steve, Nick, Jan, WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!!!

Get the dogs a DAIRY QUEEN


Jenn said:
Congratulations Ken, Brenda, Molly, and Allen on your 2nd in the Open!!!

Way to go Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Molly! congrats Ken and Brenda! (did you see her sister got an open 3rd at wisam? sure would be fun to see Allie's name in the catalog at any of the nationals with multiple progeny entered!)

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