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How have your "Runt" puppies turned out?

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Tiny Tina

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Everybody's just been posting such great pictures of their pups, had to add mine to the lot! :wink:
Here is a picture of 11 week old Tina. 7 lb of pure FIRE.
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I believe NFC "Lottie" was a runt.

Had a tiny, but strong pup born a few years back that weighed in a whopping 4 0z. :shock: Nope, no dwarfs in the litter either. 5.2 # at 8 weeks.

She was fighting strong from the moment she was born. Ended up being 50# soak en wet at maturity. She's still alive and kicking up a storm at age 12.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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