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Would you test breed this dog?

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Although I am not a breeder I did have 1 litter this past year. I will think very hard before I might do another breeding.

You will give up more than 4 months of training! To avoid any exposure to anything that might be going around (herpes, kennel cough - a nasty one this past year, and other sicknesses) I did not train or expose my bitch to other dogs at all after the breeding, during the gestation and not until the pups were at their new homes at 7 weeks of age...a total of 4 months. The pups are now 6 months old and my bitch is just now getting back to where she was BEFORE the breeding! Look at a possible 12 month loss.

Just another thought, why are you wanting to breed? Money? A pup?

Just think of this: There are many bitches out there that are wonderful specimans, already have spectacular performance records and have produced nice offspring. Why risk your bitch - FC/AFC Lululu just died having 5 pups?

The cost of a pup is less than what you are going to go through raising and socializing a litter correctly not only in time but in testing (OFA both elbows and hips, eyes) whelping management (possiblility of a C section or your dog's death ) and puppy needs (dew claws, shots, illnesses). And how about the stud fees and breeding costs? The puppy money (what little it is for the work) is not yours until AFTER the guarantee time has run out or you know that all pups are satisfactory...

Placing puppies in suitable homes is your responsibility. I did not breed until I knew that I had more than 50% of a normal litter placed in great performance homes. It was important to me to try to insure that each puppy have a permanent home.

What I wanted was to make enough to purchase a nice FT quality pup a couple of years from now OR to keep a nice pup for the same purpose...either would have been ok. I was up every morning at 4:30 am and every day carried out a whole garbage bag full of waste paper from the whelping area...just had 6 puppies. Can't imagine the waste and work from 8-10 pups! I spent many hours with the pups to insure that they were well socialized. They were raised in my home.

Unless YOU are willing to dedicate 7 weeks of your time with the pups, I would not consider it. When I look for a dog, I want the area to be immaculate, the puppies to be well socialized and raised with people, and that they come from proven performers....the bitch line being most important. I'm afraid that being a SH is not enough proof of performance for me.

Good luck in your decision.
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