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TPLO Re-hab

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One of my dog's just had TPLO surgery yeturday :cry: and I was wondering what people who have gone through it with thier FT dog's have done for thier re-hab? I was told by my vet that 8-10 weeks of create confinement was all the excersise that she was supposed to get besides eating and relieving herself, then an x-ray, and excersise? I'm not looking to overule my vet as I value his opinion, but know that he is very cautous and I would like all the info that I can get right now.

thanks, Trent
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When Dusty had his TPLO surgery in 2005 it was 10 weeks of mostly crate confinement. I would do stretching exercises 2 times a day and my husband would swim him 2 times a day(when he could start swimming). He could go out to his business and eat. Other then that he was in his crate or laying next to me on the floor. There was no jumping or running. After he was released, we still didn't let him jump in and out of the truck. We taught him " PAWS". This meant to put his front feet on the running board of the Suburban and we would lift his back end up to get in his crate in the truck. When he wanted out, he knew to let us help him down to the ground.

It's terrible to see them in their crate for 10 weeks, but the PT Doc knows best.

Good luck.
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