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TPLO Re-hab

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One of my dog's just had TPLO surgery yeturday :cry: and I was wondering what people who have gone through it with thier FT dog's have done for thier re-hab? I was told by my vet that 8-10 weeks of create confinement was all the excersise that she was supposed to get besides eating and relieving herself, then an x-ray, and excersise? I'm not looking to overule my vet as I value his opinion, but know that he is very cautous and I would like all the info that I can get right now.

thanks, Trent
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My EP had this and it was a bit slower progress than what Howard experienced. I did the crate/house restriction with her and walking on a 6 foot leash for 8-10 weeks. After that we went to a 10 foot checkcord for 10 minutes morning and night. After a month of that we went to a 30 foot checkcord for the same program and length of time. I then built a bar system for my quad and put her on a roading program in a very controlled slow speed for a few months. At this point she is running free with slight signs of surgery.

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