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TPLO Re-hab

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One of my dog's just had TPLO surgery yeturday :cry: and I was wondering what people who have gone through it with thier FT dog's have done for thier re-hab? I was told by my vet that 8-10 weeks of create confinement was all the excersise that she was supposed to get besides eating and relieving herself, then an x-ray, and excersise? I'm not looking to overule my vet as I value his opinion, but know that he is very cautous and I would like all the info that I can get right now.

thanks, Trent
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I have heard from two vets who do TPLO surguries that they have done them on almost all breeds except greyhounds. I have seen this elsewhere and find it interesting. I wonder what the average tibial slope on a greyhound is vs. other breeds more suseptable to CCL injuries.


An interesting study that trys to determine if there is a relationship between the age of the dog, angle of tibial plateau and a predisposition for CCL rupture.

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