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Train-Rite Winger Parts

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Our club has several Train-Rites that we use for our club training days, hunt tests, etc. A few are in need of new bands and pouches, but I'm struggling to find a place to buy the needed parts. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Spear gun rubber tube, available in several sizes.

Anyone that can sew would be able to make new pouches.
Were train rite made by rtf member Wayne Sumner? Search the member list. He may have inventory yearning to go afield.
Warren Price "Rookie" on here is Train Rite
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I was able to get ahold of Warren last night. I appreciate the help!
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Check the Train-Rite Store. Com everything is on there
Hi, I also advise you to check out the Train-Rite shop.

FYI!!! Train-Rite original parts are only available from Train-Rite and a few related retailers! For information contact Warren Price @ 716-807-5839 or Richard Young at the Train-Rite store! Ed bures at BHE.
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