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I train in Weatherford which is not close to your desired locations. I don't think you provided very much information for someone (s) to volunteer to take you under their wing. My suggestions:

1. Provide some information about yourself and your dog and goals.
2. Join a local retriever club to meet folks. There are several: Cowtown, Big D and Lone Star.
3. Take what you can get (as to location) and don't be so selective about location. Get out and meet some people.
4. Buy a good training program (dvd) to follow. There are three good ones often mentioned on this site: Total Retriever Training 2 edition, Smartworks and Fowl Dogs.
5. Being in a training group is great and they can help you through tough issues but it is no subsitute for trying to follow a program.
6. What can you offer the group? Are you someone that will show up early to help set up, stay late to help pick up and throw birds for others?

Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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