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I've recently gotten access to a new pond for training. In the future more material will be removed for the owners projects. It sounded like there is a good chance that the owner would take suggestions into account for the configuration of the pond when removing material. What suggestions do you guys have for for improvements to this pond.

The entire area is clay (that's what they're removing). 1. Running water, the rest of the pond is quite deep. 2. Marshy area. 3. Island sticks above water about 4 feet high. 4. Existing mounds that are quite tall 10-20 feet high. 5. tall grassy flat, wet slightly wet. Banks north of the green line are tall and steep(10 feet above water 45 degree angle). South of the line are shorter 1-3 feet and gradual sloped.

I was thinking about maybe a swimby pond in the SW corner and then creating some channels and mounds on the east side. What are your thoughts?

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