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Treasure Coast

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Test is on as scheduled. Pier II Resort in Okeechobee is open for bidness and had several rooms available as of this afternoon. Power is back on the Ft Pierce and most areas of Stuart and Okeechobee. Gas is readily available. Grounds were wet this weekend but there is plenty of dry ground. Stay on established roads or marked paths.

See you there.
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What a great set of judges we had for the Master at Treasure Coast this weekend. Jerry Perkins and Alan Luthy set up some very challenging tests. Bear Strickland was supposed to judge but could not make it here. The first series was a very tight and short breaking test. There was a walk up and after the first bird landed you had to continue to a holding blind and signal for the birds. The second bird down (after the walk up bird thrown from the right (to the left) was the flyer going right to left angled back and the go bird was on the left thrown left to right. The wind was blowing right to left also. There was a land blind under the arch of the walk up bird.

Second series was a double with one bird thrown accross a road up against a clump of palemeto and trees.

Third series was a mom & pop set-up with one of them a flyer and another bird coming from the left. Both water blinds were under the arch of the controlled birds.

I had 3 dogs entered in the Master and qualified 2. 31 dogs out of 43 entered got called back to the last series and I do not know how many qualified because I left to see the Dolphins lose to the Falcons. I did not see any Senior or Junior set ups so I cannot comment on them.
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