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Triple D-Q

I think these are a few of the placements:

Acadiana Q

1st Size Doesn't Matter-Austin Channell
2nd CK's Blue Velvet-Mark Mosher
3rd High Milage Kodiak Bear- Charlie Moody
4th Call Me Chena- Mark Mosher
Rj CK's Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit- Mark Mosher
Jam Crow Creek Black Magic- Rob Erhart
Jam Dominators Duke of Turrell- Charlie Moody

Quachita Derby

1st Jackson's Fowl Intentions- Charlie Moody
2nd Cody Cut a Lean Grade- Chad Baker
3rd CC White Beauregard Rogue- Pam Park
4th Dominators Duke of Turrell-Charlie Moody
Several Jams

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Thanks Franco for the comments. It was a great young dog competition weekend. Larger entries than we normally see at regular trials in the Spring season. The judges all did a great job. Set ups were challenging.

I did get to see some nice young dog work. Also was able to see some dogs run that we don't normally see in the South. Will be nice to see some of them leave and go back home too.. ha.


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Chad, the winner of the third Derby was Shadow's Whiteshoes (Billie), owned by Cyndi Gunzer, Handled by Rob Earhart. He is an awesome dog!
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