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Triple DQ results?

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Anybody got info about the 3 DQ results?
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Triple D-Q

I think these are a few of the placements:

Acadiana Q

1st Size Doesn't Matter-Austin Channell
2nd CK's Blue Velvet-Mark Mosher
3rd High Milage Kodiak Bear- Charlie Moody
4th Call Me Chena- Mark Mosher
Rj CK's Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit- Mark Mosher
Jam Crow Creek Black Magic- Rob Erhart
Jam Dominators Duke of Turrell- Charlie Moody

Quachita Derby

1st Jackson's Fowl Intentions- Charlie Moody
2nd Cody Cut a Lean Grade- Chad Baker
3rd CC White Beauregard Rogue- Pam Park
4th Dominators Duke of Turrell-Charlie Moody
Several Jams
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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