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tritronics collar repair

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I know about collar clinic, but I like to try to fix stuff on my own.

With that said, I have an older Flyway Special XL (turns on by holding transmitter button down). It is not holding a charge. I am pretty sure that the batteries need replaced. I opened the collar and noticed that there are two wires (one red and one black) that connect the cover of the collar to the circuit board. The black wire is not connected and the red one seems to go under a foam pad that is glued to the inside of the cover.

Does anyone know if the black wire is just part of the antenae or part of the other electronic system? It looks like it should be pretty simple to fix, but I hate ripping the foam out if it is serving a function.
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TT charges I think $120 to do a repair....well worth it and their MO in my experience is if they can't fix it they replace it, not a bad deal in my opinion.

Also Patricia at TT is the bomb!!

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