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Turning on the light switch in young pups

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I have a 14 week old black male lab off of 2 GRHRCH & MH. He is retrieving birds and bumpers but has not gone crazy over it like he has to have them. At what age normally does the light switch go off in pups head to make him feel like he cant live without them? What could trigger the switch?
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When they get Force Fetched and then Collar Conditioned to Fetch and then Force to Pile- ha
Granted the force training kind of lights a fire under there butt a bit some dogs take time and others are retrieving while they are nursing- (not really) but you get my point take your time and have fun and when your pup looks like they are having the most fun - kennel em up

I think of it this way, the first time you make it to first base with a girl, and you want more she says lets wait -"i.e. she kenneled you up"
Then when you get to go there again you are even more excited as you might get to go to second "Then your kenneled up again"
After you finally make it to HOME base you REALLY love going to home base.
for our dogs once they get to retrieve birds "get to home base" they REALLY love it
so dont feel bad about kenneling them up because we all had to go through it too. ;)
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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