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Drove to Nodak and back this past week. I haven't seen the Dakota prairies looking so green in a long time. Obviously some of the torrential rains caused grief in the northeast part of the state, but they were welcomed throughout the central and west river areas.

Not saying this has broken the drought. Far more is needed as most of the stock dams and sloughs range from almost full to only the bottom is wet. The dry fields and grasslands soaked up whatever fell, leaving very little to run off.

The small grains, especially the winter wheat, got a real kick start, and the farmers are grinnin' as they plant their corn and beans knowing the ground has moisture that should assure germination.

With all the splash water in the fields where the heavier amounts fell, the ducks were everywhere. Mallards still in their mating manuevers flying in triplicate throughout NE Sodak and into SE Nodak. Those sprig and greenies were absolutely stunning in their full spring colors.

Needless to say, Mr. Ringneck is at his gaudiest. Only saw a couple of them still fighting for territory; most have paired up, or rounded up a harem. One brave dude had 9 hens he'd corralled, out for the morning feeding in a spring wheat field.

If the conditions stay favorable, we could have another incredible hatch this year, after a total bust last year. It is amazing how many pheasants we continue to see, and of course they are in tremendous condition after such a mild winter.

Fire up the reloader, Ed. Yer gonna need lots of ammo this year, just for personal protection. heh heh heh heh.

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