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Hey Ken,
I was just getting ready to post up a report when I saw this thread already started.
The Saco River, Lake Champlain, Granite State Hrc clubs put on the first ever joint club Upland tests this past weekend in Brownfield Maine.
Glen Stelly came up to grandfather in several new judges from our region, thank you Glen!
The weather was fantastic, the birds were flying so well it was just amazing! Our gunners did a great job of knocking those beautiful birds down! The dog work was just great to see, not sure on the passes for the other clubs but LCHRC had 18 dogs start and 14 pass on Saturday afternoon under the juding eyes of Glen Stelly and Paul Stuart.
I know Joe Miano took many pictures maybe we can get him to post up a few.
I was unable to be at the Sunday test so if someone else wants to add what happend please do!
Ken your maple syrup was well received for the Jack Kenny memorial hunt!
Thank you for getting that to David for me.

The upland test went better than anybody could have hoped for. We had a few birds that the dogs caught but overall I think all four test were a great success. I agree with a big THANK YOU to Glen, we would not have had a test without him. All the clubs worked well to get things set up and torn down, not to mention all the planning that went into the tests. Thanks to everyone that helped out, I am already looking foward to next year. :D :D
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