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US house Bill 1022 ?

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I just posted a thread on another site.

Any input would be nice.
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Isn't this what we've come to expect from the left? ANYTIME there is a gun involved in a killing, it's ALWAYS the fault of the gun. The press is all ramped up with their agenda stories. If you want a real conspiritorial view, then I envision all the major networks with their big "news" stars, having stories already written, and they just plug in the territory and situation.

Nothing will change when you hear Dianne Sawyer will be reporting on the VT will ALWAYS come down to gun control. It's almost as if they are waiting for these heinous crimes to be committed, so they can proceed with their agenda.

I personally don't think a bill like 1022 stands a snowballs chance in hell of passing, AT THIS TIME! The democrat party is still too concerned the spotsmen/gun owner/2nd amendment activists did a number on placing them on the wrong side of what most freedom loving Americans believe. So for now, I think they are unwilling to place their elected lives on the line again.

BUT, that doesn't stop the press and major networks from continuing their barrage against the NRA, and the millions of lawful gun owners in this nation. We are at a serious crossroads in our nation's struggle to maintain the freedoms that we have been accustomed to.

Here where I live, in flyover country, we are even more buffered from the incredulous rhetoric that comes from the coasts. While we try to stay vigilant, we are easily steam-rolled by those looking for the handouts that are provided by the many liberals totally invested in getting votes by any means.

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